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Who We Are

Supportive Pillar Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that helps in alleviating poverty in the communities through the Feeding and Empowerment Programmes.

Supportive Pillar Foundation is not just a charity organization. We are a precious and rare gem to the world at large. Supportive Pillar Foundation strongly believes that through consistent outreaches and community rehabilitation, we can join the government in transforming the country and passing on a great legacy to the next generation.

Our footprints are visible in the lives of people we have touched which cut across Lagos communities as our primary project base, while expansion to other communities and states is undergoing round-table discussions in other to have a complete and fulfilled assignment.

supportive pillars with outreach children
SPF 2022 skill acquisition beneficiary
2022 SPF skill acquisition beneficiary
SPF 2022 skill acquisition benefactor
SPF skill acquisition 2022 beneficiaries

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We constantly comb every community inside and outside of Lagos in search of the needy and ensure they are properly taken care of in the most suitable way.


— We Build Networks

SPF bridges the gap between the less privileged and those always willing to help with the use of skills and humanitarian resources available.


— We Strengthen

Strengthening the less privileged in every resourceful way is our utmost concern. SPF ensures this is done without discrimination and prejudice.


— We Educate​

Knowing fully well that education is the best legacy to be handed to fellow mankind. We impact lives by rendering assistance geared towards attaining quality education.


— We Provide Care​

The Supportive Pillar Foundation provides adequate care to the widow, orphans, and other less privileged in every Nigerian community for as long as possible.


— We Consult​

We consult with every important sector that can help us achieve our goals, mission and vision statement which is focusing on impacting lives.

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