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In our previous Colloquium, we were able to bring to our understanding that the statement ‘Everywhere you go‘ is beyond being used as a slogan. It could be seen as a motivation, a discipline guiding a particular brand.

We made an establishment that – God doesn’t give you what you want…He creates the opportunity for you to do so. God is a factor to be studied if you’re building for the future. Master the processes of God and lead.

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The God Brand is everywhere you go

One of His brands is “LOVE”. Love is one of the major features of God’s brand that is underutilized. It forms the basis of passion and sacrifice for what is to come and what’s yet to come.

He sent his love to everyone, not just a particular sphere – your brand solutions shouldn’t be for just one group of people, or restricted by colour, Tribe or country – only Love can enable this.

When your brand is at a premium level it becomes multiracial and multicultural. You can read more on Premium on our previous Colloquium titled – BRAND YOU.

God is a brand that is invisibly present everywhere you can see His Creativity. Understanding that by default brands are omnipresent will drive you by being intentional about the product quality and what you put out there represents your mind because everything that’s working there’s a mind behind it.

Build a mind of God in your creativity!

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