The 3 Pillars of Giving: Time, Talent & Treasure

The 3 Pillars of Giving
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The most exciting thing about giving is that there are limitless methods to make a difference in the world. And at the same time as there is no wrong way to be generous, you may find that by tapping into your unique skills and creativity you walk away with an enriched experience. 


Time can be the most valuable resource we all have, once it’s gone, you can get it back. That’s why it’s universally understood how precious the gift of time is. This form of giving is proving someone else your own time to assist others. Your gift of time may be a direct, hands-on service such as tutoring Children at a homeless shelter or an oblique service.

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Whether or not you share your skills or professional knowledge, you could use your very own talent to give back to your community, or everywhere it’s needed. Examples might also include a medical doctor providing pro bono office hours at a neighbourhood medical institution or an investment advisor who manages the endowment of a charity. It’s not only for philanthropists to donate their talent but also valued because it provides a service or knowledge that is often out of reach for the recipients.   


While many people think of generosity, they consider donating their treasure—a euphemism for money or other gadgets with value. Even though money is the most common kind of charitable donation, it may also come in the form of real estate, collectables, and greater. One of the benefits of establishing a charitable donation is that you’re capable of donating in myriad other ways, including through grants, scholarships, and many more.

Generosity can take many exclusive forms. As the nation’s largest provider of support service, every day we see inspiring examples of the variety and creativity that can make giving so impactful for the recipient – and rewarding for the giver.

The common ways to give are in time, talent, and treasure – an idea of Biblical origin reinforcing that all persons are capable of sharing with others and may do so in many ways.

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