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Skill Acquisition

We observe it’s not enough to give a man fish, but he need to learn how to catch fish. We’re using our platform to equip as many as possible with the necessary skill needed to be able to take care of themselves loved ones.

Skills development remains a major element in today’s world order. The importance of skills development cannot be underestimated. It entails the theoretical knowledge and a practical evidence.  In other words, the brain must first assimilate the skills subconsciously before applying it through a practical way.

Before now, a lot of theoretical victors have emerged; but in today’s world order, the question anyone would ask you is, do you have sellable skills? The world has changed; people don’t go for theory alone anymore, but rather go for combination of theory and practical.

You can support financially via:
Account Name: Supportive Pillar Foundation.
Account Number: 7113457018.
Bank: First City Monument Bank

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