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About us

Supportive Pillar Foundation was established early in the year 2020 and duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

We operate as an NGO with the aim of supporting the Government in alleviating poverty in our communities through Feeding and Empowerment Programmes.
Our Target segments include the Widows, Orphans, Elderly, Physically Challenged and Vulnerable within society.

Our footprints are visible in the lives of people we have touched which cut across Lagos communities as our primary project base, while expansion to other communities and states is undergoing round-table discussions in other to have a complete and fulfilled assignment.


Our Cardinal Projects

Widows’ Support Scheme – We currently have about 100 registered widows on our beneficiary list that we feed on a quarterly basis.

Skill Acquisition Project – We have trained over 300 unemployed young people and empowered some of them.

School Support Project – We have supported over 500 deprived children with school bags, exercise books, and stationeries. We currently have some of these children on our Scholarship List.

Monthly Outreach: We reach out to indigents, physically challenged, elders, orphans, widows, inmates, etc. monthly.

December Communities Outreach: We organize aggressive feeding programs across different communities every December as a way of showing love and kindness to hundreds of less privileged families during the festive season.

Every December, we help hundreds of less privileged people who do not have access to healthy meals, by giving them quality food packs and supporting their petty trades financially.


— Our Mission

We operate as a Nonprofit organization with the aim of alleviating poverty in our communities through Feeding and Business Empowerment Programmes.


— Our Vision

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— Our Core Values

L – Love
E – Empathy
A – Accountability
D – Diligence
E – Excellence
R – Respect
S – Service


Support Us and Change the Course of a Child’s Life Today!

Donations and support from philanthropic individuals and compassionate organizations like yours have been a major boost for us towards the actualization of our goals.

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